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Waba Grill

We are proud to support and supply Waba Grill Restaurant’s vision to provide healthy food on-the-go.

Gabriel Shyu, Construction Project Manager


In the fast-paced world of the Restaurant Industry, it’s no secret that choices abound for not only our valued patrons but also for us, as the operators of dining establishments of various sizes. We’re constantly looking to improve upon our operations, food selects and customer service while becoming more efficient at doing so. That is why it is paramount for us to build strong relationships with key vendors such as Action Sales. Action Sales has continuously supplied us with kitchen appliances, equipment, and small wares, paired with customer service that is second to none. Action Sales works very hard to ensure that we are never waiting on the arrival of kitchen equipment to open our newest locations. In addition, the knowledgeable staff at Action Sales readily and willingly consults us on new ideas brought on by leading-edge equipment and shares with us their insights on how our operations may benefit from these developments. In short, to Waba Grill Franchise Corp., Action Sales is much more than just another name in the widespread kitchen equipment sales industry; Action Sales is a valued team member that has been integral to our growth and expansion. Thank you very much for your services, and we look forward to building upon the strong foundation we have forged together thus far.

Action Sales has been committed to providing outstanding service and support to facilitate the growth of Waba Grill.

Our relationship with Waba Grill has been an extremely satisfying one as we’ve seen their mission of making clean eating accessible to guests on-the-go take off. We are proud to continue to support their businesses behind the scenes as they continue to provide their guest with fresh, health food options at locations throughout California.

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