Sonoma, CA

David Price Design

Design and Fabrication (Bases):
Peter Goetzinger, Jon Foster (Illustrator), & Bridget Keimel (Bronze Sculptor)

Sonoma State Park

Sonoma State Historic Park is situated in a plaza surrounded by historic buildings from different eras of the town’s history. However, despite considerable foot traffic, no signage existed to describe these interesting buildings, so people just kept walking to their next wine tasting (this is wine country) oblivious to their surroundings.

David Price Design was hired to research, write, and design signage to convey the history of the park. Text was to be in Spanish and English, panels needed to be accessible, and the Interpretive Specialist requested bronze tactile elements and custom bases. Peter Goetzinger designed concrete and steel bases. iZone suggested that the custom shapes of the bronze tactile elements could be routed out of the surface of the panel for a more secure mounting. Tracings were made from the actual bronze sculptures for this purpose. Artist Jon Foster was engaged to create illustrations of historic scenes set inside buildings not accessible to the public. Curved panels were designed to contrast and compliment the angular nature of the surrounding architecture.

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