Our Values

Since its creation in 1854, CONDAT has implemented fundamental principles in its strategic orientation and daily management.

Stated through strong corporate values, they allow us to convey a common frame of reference, to unite around cultures and practices shared by all our employees, customers and partners.

Build to lastpicto-construire-pour-durer

It means undertaking, with the common goal of achieving responsible performance that takes into account social and environmental issues. Living up our corporate culture of more than 160 years , by sharing our experienceandknow-how to achieve our respective ambitions together, always with the aim of protecting our ecosystem.

Responsible picto-responsable

It means developing respectful and ethical solutions. It means educatingto improve awareness of everyone’s respective responsibilitiestowards the planet. It also means developing and expressing a long-term vision by listening to our stakeholders.

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It means ensuring the sustainabilityof our Group through a strategy of diversificationandspecialisation. It means anticipating in order to respond to technical and societal challenges, and finding in these present and future challengesnew capacities for innovation, to guarantee our customers and employees a continuous progresse dynamic.

Relationship qualitypicto-qualité-relation

It means placing peopleat the heart of our exchanges because we are convinced that it is first and foremost the quality of the relationship that makes collaboration effective. We seek the fulfillmentof our employees, partners and customers.

Our commitment is to make sure that our history lasts, and that it is also yours.
And of course, it is the future that must be looked at and thought about.