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      本公司成立以来,得到北京、上海、天津、青岛等几大橡胶集团的大力支持和帮助,产品结构不断优化,产品质量不断稳定提高。现可生产各种规格的阻燃输送带、普通用途织物芯输送带、NN、EP高强力输送带、耐热、耐寒、耐酸碱输送带、人字花纹带、麻坑输送带、平行传动带等若干类别产品。年生产能力500万平方米,产品畅销北京、广州、福建、长春、哈尔滨、重庆、成都等30多个大中城市和地区。公司近几年也着力开拓国外市场, 已远销美国, 澳大利亚, 巴西, 印度, 斯里兰卡等国家。2009年再次通过ISO9001国际质量体系认证。


    Hebei Ssangyong Rubber Co.,Ltd is located in the Duikanzhuang Industry Zone, the hometown of Hebei central plains rubber village, whose reputation is throughout the country.The company covers an area of 50000 square meters, building area of 30000 square meters. Company Existing staff 270 people, and have strong technical team, the company's existing engineering and technical personnel 49 people, among them, the senior engineer 2 people, engineer 6 people, the other engineering technicians 41 people. Company management advanced, production equipment sophisticated, and equipped with advanced complete experimental testing instruments, to ensure the reliable quality, first-class products.
    Since the company establishment, get Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, Qingdao and so on several big rubber group's strong support and help, optimize product structure, product quality steadily improve. Now We can produce various specifications fire resistant conveyor belt, the commonness conveyor belt, the NN, EP high strength conveyor belt, heat resistant, cold resistant, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt,chevron type of pattern conveyor belt, hemp pit conveyor belt, transmission belt and so on several categories of products. Annual production capacity of 5 million square meters, the products sell well in Beijing, guangzhou, fujian, changchun, Harbin, chongqing, chengdu and so on more than 30 large and medium-sized cities and regions. And recently years, our company are opening up foreign markets,it has been exported America, Austrial,Brazil,India,Sri Lanka and so on. And in 2009 through the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
    Meet the needs of the market, wholeheartedly for the customer service is the hebei ssangyong rubber co., LTD. Improve the production and operation, strengthen the spiritual prop and motivation source of quality management. The company staff is willing to work hand in hand to make "DengRen" brand rubber conveyor belt is deeply rooted in the minds of the masses of users.create a glorious tomorrow.

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