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Fertilizer burn can produce brown lawn patches or brown 'burnt' plant roots and leaves. Here's how to avoid burn and keep your garden looking great. You Must Use a Good Potting Mix. made from composted bark, peat moss, and other ingredients that do not include like Miracle-Gro Shake n Feed Tomato, 2) Prune plants. Remove the tops of plants, all side shoots, any blooms, and small tomatoes. 3) Spading. Drive a garden spade into soil about 6 inches from the main stem; do this halfway around a plant. Fruits ripen in seven to 10 days. Spading triggers all fruits on the plant to ripen. Pick any green tomatoes you want to ripen indoors before spading. Lawn fertilizer contains nitrogen and phosphorus. Nitrogen helps with stem growth, while phosphorus is important for the root system. Winter fertilizers also are high in potassium, which plants need to thrive. How to grow vegetables all winter long. Its easier than you think to grow and harvest vegetables during the snowy winter months. We profile the latest off-season gardening equipment, from hoop houses to cold frames. Does it feel like the grass really is greener in other peoples yards? Summers heat and low rainfall are tough on turf, so neighbors sporting lush lawns this time of year probably have better species of grass, higher-quality topsoil, and automatic irrigation. You, too, can have all thatfor Care of a Newly Hydro Seeded Lawn! Care and watering. The contractor who installed your lawn used a high phosphorus or "starter fertilizer" when hydroseeding