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What Local Means To Us

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At Food Lion, sourcing local means bringing our neighbors the freshest homegrown and homemade flavors around, while also supporting growers and makers in the communities we serve.

These days, showing love for your state and supporting local is more important to all of us than ever before. That’s why we make it easy to get the very best of your state and your everyday favorites, together in one place.

Local in Our Stores

Local Goodness In-Store Tags

As you shop, look for our Local Goodness signs and tags to find the best products grown and made in your state. Within our 10-state footprint, we offer a wide selection of local products from sauces and snacks to meat, seasonal produce and everything in between.

And speaking of seasonal produce, check out our handy guide below to see when your favorite fruits and vegetables are in season.


Sourcing Locally for Our Neighbors

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To us, local is about more than just stocking our shelves with products from your state. It’s about supporting our neighbors by sourcing from local farmers and producers, many of which invest back into the communities we serve through philanthropic efforts and eco-friendly practices.

Plus, we live in the same neighborhoods, our kids go to the same schools and our families shop our stores too. That’s why we’re not only passionate about sourcing locally, but also about showing up and supporting our neighbors whenever we can.

5 Steps for Preparing Produce
Our Guide for Eating in the Season
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Choose Your State

Every state offers a variety of tastes unique to the places we call home. Select your state below to see the local products available near you!

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