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Why Should I Choose an Epoxy Colorado Floor?

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  • Superior Abrasion Resistance

  • Durable Gloss Finish

  • Eco-Friendly & Low VOCs

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Easy to Maintain

  • 1-Day Install

  • Vehicle-Ready in 24 Hours

  • Lifetime Warranty

Epoxy Colorado Logo

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Denver Residential Use

This particular epoxy floor coating is a decorative chip solution. It’s made to represent the great outdoors of hiking in the Colorado mountains on beautiful trails. With an increase in traction and durability, it’s the perfect solution for your garage.

Copper Mountain epoxy floor solution installed by Epoxy Colorado in a garage

Our Epoxy Installation Process


We will inspect the project and review details to make sure you get exactly what you want for your new epoxy flooring.


Surface preparation is the key to a quality, long-lasting epoxy job. We'll ensure the area is level before installation.


The highest quality floors, skillfully installed. Made to your customization preferences. Lasting years to come. Full clean-up after installation.

Denver's Trusted Name in Epoxy

Epoxy Colorado has been serving the entire Denver Metro Area with epoxy flooring and coating systems since 2004. Homeowners have been trusting in us to install epoxy floor systems that are durable, reliable, and hold up under the incredible weather fronts we face living in the beautiful state of Colorado.


Epoxy Colorado is a locally-owned and operated, licensed, and insured company under the state of Colorado. We are proud to be one of the few companies that serve Denver homeowners with top-of-the-line epoxy flooring and coating solutions at reasonable prices.


Denver homeowners come to us to install strong and creative epoxy systems that don't crack, chip, or damage easily. Many of our systems are made to withstand heat up to 140° Fahrenheit and cold below 0°. Durability testing for epoxy solutions shows that epoxy can hold 10,000 psi or more. This makes epoxy 3 times stronger than your typical concrete.


For Denver homeowners with garages and basements, this means keeping you and your family safe throughout the entire year. Installing an epoxy flooring system in your garage will keep the traction on your vehicle's tires and your footing as the wet season comes through. Epoxy is a protective coating that will keep the materials underneath free from damages and chemical spills.


For more information on the benefits of Epoxy flooring solutions, check out our blog叶云辰萧妍然免费阅读最新章节列表_叶云辰萧妍然免费阅读 ,gei成语最新章节列表_gei成语最新章节列表.

Joe Trainor of Epoxy Colorado

"We clean up after ourselves, unlike most epoxy floor companies."

Epoxy Floor Coatings for Garages

Salt and pepper epoxy floor coating installed in a garage in Denver

Epoxy floor systems are most popularly used in Denver garages for good reason! Epoxy resin can be mixed with a variety of add-ins such as decorative chips and vinyl flakes. With the combination of materials, the floor can be customized to almost limitless styles, strength, and slip-resistance.


For garage purposes, many Denver homeowners look to a simple solution like concrete to best suit their needs for storage, vehicular use, and other equipment usages. This continual wear and tear will usually end up with many dents, cracks, and stains over time. But not with epoxy floor systems.


At Epoxy Colorado, it is our position to help you decide on a coating that will fit your everyday needs throughout the entire year. Are you working on your motorcycle and afraid to damage the floor? This isn't even remotely a problem with epoxy garage systems. Ask an epoxy professional on our team for more information about epoxy garage systems.