Alternatives to Plants vs Zombies 2?
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I have been enjoying Plants v Zombies 2 but the ads are driving me insane especially since they have sound which I hate in a game. I would be happy to pay a one time or annual subscription fee to remove ads but Plants v Zombies 2 doesn’t have that option. There are a lot of alternatives but it is hard for me to tell which meet my below criteria. Any thoughts?

Things I like about it:

1) there is some strategy involved
2) you get new abilities as you progress
3) the adversaries are different
4) there are many ways to engage with the content
5) I especially like that some levels you choose the towers and some they are chosen for you

Things I dislike:

1) the ads especially since they have sound I can’t make stop
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Have you tried the Bloons tower defense games? I think the last few in the series meets most of those goals.
posted by dpaulat11:58 AM on December 30

Kingdom Rush is really good! Also this might be a stupid suggestion, but PvZ1?
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Plants vs Zombies 1 was *so good* and it is insanely heartbreaking how terribly they managed to ruin it. I would pay any amount of money to get rid of the ads.

Thank you for asking this question. Also you might like the untitled goose game.
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I've played all the Kingdom Rush games, including Vengance, their latest...and agree it's the best out there.
posted by maxweltonat12:27 PM on December 31

From the not-quite-what-you-asked files: I have a pi-hole running on my home network, and it made things like this tolerable for me.

//">has details here
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