Gentleman in a water filtration plant.

Membrane Separation Technology for Filtration

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At H.B. Fuller, we believe that everyone has the right to have clean water to drink and clean air to breath. That’s why we’ve perfected our membrane separation adhesives, air filtration adhesives, and internal combustion engine filtration adhesives for the water, air and automotive filtration markets.

Recognized as a market leader in adhesives for membrane separation, we have an innovative product line that has gained global acceptance and is used for applications around the world. Our products offer a wide variety of solutions. Whether you produce products that enable clean water production, life-saving medical procedures, energy production, innovative new pharmaceuticals, or the simple enjoyment of a cold beverage, we have an adhesive solution for you.


Product safety and reliability is paramount for liquid separation applications. We have a proven track record of producing reliable products and a safe solution for your FDA or NSF products. For a full list of all NSF-certified products from H.B. Fuller, click here.

Production Selection

Selecting the right adhesive for your membrane separation application takes knowledge and experience. How these materials interact with different types of membranes, the manufacturing processes used to assemble the element, and the material properties of the adhesive itself are all critical to the quality and final product performance. That is why we dedicate a team of technical and sales experts to this specific market segment who are here to help you.

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